Free Palestine!

This is a critical time for the Palestinians. For 63 years these normally peace-loving and resourceful people have been under brutal miitary occupation by an Israeli regime funded and armed by the United States and rewarded by Britain and the European Union with trading privileges. 
Since 1948 when the Jews declared statehood Israel has relentlessly expanded the territory allocated to it by the UN Partition by ethnically cleansing and confiscating Palestinian lands and water resources and obliterating Arab heritage. The international community protests but does nothing to end this brazen land-grab. So-called negotiations have been lopsided, conducted in bad faith and endlessly prolonged to provide cover for Israel to establish more ‘facts on the ground’ like illegal settlements and associated Jews-only infrastructure, and the evil separation wall that breaks up Palestinian communities and denies them access to their farms, their families, their churches, mosques, hospitals, universities and workplaces. They are prevented from trading in the normal way with the outside world, and their fishermen are fired on if they fish their own territorial waters. They cannot even benefit from their offshore gasfield.
Hopes of freedom are pinned on an application to the UN for recognition of a Palestinian state on the 1949 armistice lines, which are generally accepted as Israel’s borders. Some 120 countries already recognise Palestine, but Israel and the US have conducted a diplomatic campaign to persuade member states to block the application.




















The Palestinians’ bid hangs in the balance. Instead of implementing the many UN resolutions Israel has defied, the US and the EU insist that the only route to freedom is a return to the failed negotiations where pressure can be applied to persuade the helpless Palestinians to surrender their rights under internarional law and settle for far less than they are entitled to. 

Radio Free Palestine explains how the Holy Land has been betrayed for nearly a century and how its people, Muslim and Christian, have been cruelly abused and dispossessed in order to fulfill the Zionists’ dream of occupying the entire territory permanently. The book is 172 pages with over 110 colour photos and a Foreword by 2006 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jeff Halper, Co-ordinator of ICAHD (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions).

Radio Free Palestine is now out of print but its message is still painfully relevant. Stuart Littlewood, who shot the pictures and wrote the text, and Phillip Vine, who penned the beautiful poems, have therefore decided to post it on the web for anyone and everyone to read.

We wish our brave friends in Palestine good fortune in their continuing quest for justice, liberty and peace.

September 2011